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Exciting New Feature - Engage in Our Community

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Welcome to the new! Thank you for visiting. We’d like to highlight one of the new exciting features of this website, which is the ability to engage with other members of the ATD global community.

There are a number of ways to engage with other members of the community and with the content on ATD’s new website. Here is a brief overview.

  1. Navigate to the website and sign in.
    Contribute Sign In
    Contribute Sign In

  2. At the top of the site, hover over your name and profile and click the My Newsfeed link.
    My Newsfeed
    My Newsfeed

    In this section, you’ll see content that is mapped to the topics you choose to follow. You can see who from the community is following you and whom you’ve chosen to follow in the Followers and Following tabs.

Followers and Following

After you’ve chosen the people you want to follow, explore the Topics section. Here, you can find the latest content about topics that you are following.

Community Topics

Another way you can engage with others is to join a public group. First, navigate to the Groups section and find all the groups you can join. By visiting one of the group pages, you’ll see the recent content posted and a link to where you can participate in the group discussion.

Community Groups

As you explore the new ATD website, please feel free to post your own content, follow others in the community, or engage in a discussion. Keep in mind that what you post, contribute, or share will be live on our new website.

Thank you for your engagement in our global community of talent development professionals!

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