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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Welcome to the new! Thank you for visiting. We’d like to highlight one of the new exciting features of this website, which is the ability to contribute your own content.

This new feature is available to ATD members, and is a terrific way to share your expertise with the community, seek input and engagement from other members, and learn from one another about new techniques, tools, and resources. Maybe you came across some ground-breaking research that you want to share, or you’re seeking input on a tough project—whatever the opportunity or challenge, this new online community inside will facilitate connections with other ATD members and experts anywhere around the world, right at your fingertips.

Here’s additional information on how you can access this section of the site, how to post your own content, and which formats are allowed:

  1. Navigate to the website and sign in.

    Contribute Sign In

  2. At the top of the site, hover over your name and profile and click the contribute button.

    Hover Contribute Options

  3. Next, you’ll see several options in the Contribute section: Write a blog post, start a discussion, add a photo, add video, add audio, or add a document.

    As you click on each option, the system will open a text box (for writing a blog post or starting a discussion), or you will be prompted to browse to locate the photo, audio file, or document (such as a PDF file, Word file, or PowerPoint file) you wish to contribute. For videos, you will be asked to provide the YouTube video ID.

    Here is an example of the screen you’ll see when you click “Write a Blog Post.”

    Contribute Forms

As you consider contributing content to the site, here are some helpful hints:

  • Spell-check the text you are writing or contributing, because the on-screen editor of the site does not include the ability to spell-check as you’re writing or before you submit.
  • The default language for all content contributed by members of the community is English. Please note that ATD may choose to translate your content into Chinese to appear on the Chinese-language version of
  • Review the item you are posting before you click the submit button. Ask yourself:
    • Is this content my own? If not, do I have permission to share it?
    • Is my text appropriate and does it adhere to the requirements in section 9 (Postings) of ATD’s Terms of Use?
  • Once the content or file has been posted by a member, only the original contributor or ATD can delete the posting or their own comments. If you have a concern about content that you posted, please contact ATD at or 1.703.683.8100.
  • Once your content or new post is live on the site, it will be tagged with the phrase “community content” to explain to site users and other members that this piece of content was contributed by a member of the ATD community.

Thank you for engaging with ATD and learning about this new feature. We hope to read your content online and participate in a vibrant discussion with members of ATD’s global community!

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