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Toolbox Tip: Exclude Slides From Slide Count in Articulate Storyline

Do you need to track course completion in your e-learning solutions through a slide view count? This can be a challenge when you require certain slides within the course be viewed, and if there are...

The Accidental Trainer: What Are Sensitive Strivers - Melody Wilding

Executive Coach and Author Melody Wilding answers the question, "What are sensitive strivers?" and discusses what makes them such an asset to any organization.

The Holy Grail: Capturing Level 3 Evaluation Data

To establish real credibility and prove value, L&D professionals need to measure whether participants applied back on the job what they learned in a training program. In this session, you will learn...

ATD Benefits to Maximize Your Impact

Learn about the ways ATD’s member benefits will contribute to your success and help you overcome any professional challenges that come your way.

Toolbox Tip: Introduction to Articulate Rise Templates

Do you need to rapidly build a performance support tool, digital job aid, or E-learning training program? Speed up your design and delivery time by leveraging Articulate 360 Rise course templates to...

Curb the Usage Slump: 7 Tips to Get Started Marketing Your E-Learning Initiative

When it comes to your training program, it's common to be optimistic and think, “If we build it, they will come.” And while initial excitement may result in high usage, building long-term interest in...

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